Cycling Routes

Cycling Routes

This ride of twenty eight miles will take you through the villages of Pembridge, Eardisland, Dilwyn, Lyonshall and Weobley mostly using quiet lanes but you must always be prepared for some traffic. Details of this ride were checked in May 2003 but cyclists are reminded that signposts and landmarks may change and Kington TIC cannot accept any liability for inaccuracies. You are advised to take a copy of "OS Landranger 148 Presteigne with Hay-on-Wye" with you.

If you would like information about the villages you will see ask for relevant leaflets in the TIC Office.

Route One

Right from Kington Tourist Information Centre past clock tower, straight on into main road and straight on into narrower road at end. At roundabout take 2nd exit signpost Presteigne B4355 and follow principal road 2.0 miles to Titley where turn off right signpost Whittern. Bear left in 0.5 miles (no signpost), over stone bridge and follow principal road 2.9 miles (ignoring all side turnings) to T junction where left (no signpost).
6.0 miles to this point, map reference 373595.

Cross river and immediately right at cross roads and in 1 mile right at T junction signpost Pembridge. Right< /i> at T junction in Pembridge (no signpost) and immediately left signpost Dunkerton's Cider Mill to old market place.

(DIVERSION: walk up steps to C14 church with interesting detached wooden clocktower. Also worth exploring up and down main village street, as with other highlighted villages) Retrace down to main street, and immediately left signpost Shobdon to retrace over river. Go first right (no signpost) into narrow lane immediately after large Black and White farmhouse, past sign "unsuitable for long vehicles" and follow principal road 2.4 miles to Eardisland.
10.9 miles to this point, map ref 419587

Right at T junction by bridge through village and left into narrow lane signpost Burton Court. Follow principal road past Burton Court and straight on signpost Lower Burton at cross roads with main road Bear right past 1st track on left then turn off left into arrow lane opposite driveway (no signpost). Follow principal road alongside brook, over small bridge and up to cross roads with main road where straight on (no signpost) alongside wooden barn. In 0.3 miles turn off left (no signpost) opposite double garage then right at T junction (no sp) and follow principal road to Dilwyn.
14.5miles to this point, map ref 416547

Straight onto main road, bear left and at village green bear left. signpost Stretford. Bear left again signpost Ivington then in 0.2miles turn off next right signpost Chadnor Follow principal road 1 mile to crossroads where right signpost Weobley and follow principal road 2.2 miles to Weobley. 18.1 miles to this point, map ref 403516

Straight on signpost Morehampton, past Unicorn Inn and right down main street. Left at Red Lion Private Hotel, right at T junction (signpost Leominster) and follow principal road to main road where left at signpost Kington.

Follow principal road 0.3 miles on A4112 then turn off right signpost Broxwood. Straight on signpost Broxwood at fork and follow principal road 1.7 miles to crossroads where straight on signpost Lyonshall. ollow principal road 1.6 miles to main road where right (no signpost)
22.7 miles to this point, map ref 438543

Follow principal road 1.6 miles through Lyonshall on A480, signpost Kington, to junction with A44 where left signpost Rhayader. Climb hill and just after Lyonshall Nurseries turn off right into narrow lane.

Bear left then right, down through trees and follow principal road 1.9 miles over river, up hill and on to crossroads where left onto B4355 signpost Kington. At roundabout take 2nd exit signpost Town Centre and follow principal road to clock tower where straight on to return to Kington TIC just past Burton Hotel on left.

Cycling into Wales from Kington

A scenic circular undulating ride that takes you to the villages of Huntington and Gladestry. The return road from Gladestry follows the south side of Hergest Ridge and provides stunning views (Don’t be afraid to walk on sleep slopes and descents). Approximately 10 miles(16km)......................................................................

The Royal Oak will probably be open so long as you arrive at lunchtime during winter and definitely open during summer. There is also a café opposite The Royal Oak. Do please bring drink, snack, and simple tools.

Map OS 148, OS Pathfinder 993 or Explorer 201


Imm = immediately, L = left, R = right, Rbt = roundabout, SO = straight on, Sp = sign post

T = T–junction, TL = Traffic lights, XR = cross roads.

Places you go through are in Bold Type

Route Two

Start from the centre of Kington and climb Church Street. L turn near Church Sp. Hergest Road.

Proceed past the old Lady Hawkins schoolhouse  and  Hergest Court on your left to Hergest bridge over the River Arrow. 1.25m (2km)

Continue to pass through the remains to left and right of two American war time hospitals opened after the ‘D’ Day landings in 1945. At approx 2 miles (3.2 km) the water tower from the hospital on your right provides a good check point. Imm turn R. Sp Mahollam, Huntington.

Re-cross the Arrow and follow the road, climbing slowly to Huntington 3.5 miles (5.6 km) (There is a Church, Pub., the remains of a Castle, if you have time to explore. You are still in England.)

At XR turn right. Sp Gladestry. After crossing the border, descend to the T. 4.2 miles (6.7 km) Turn L and cycle into Gladestry. 5 miles(8 km)

The village has a Church, School, Pub and Post Office  (which is planned to close} and straddles the B4594.

To return to Kington, turn R. off the B4594 at the base of Yew Tree Bank. Proceed past Llan-y-Felin farm, Upper Hergest, Lower Hergest, descending finally to join the T at Hergest Court. 8.7 miles (13.9km) Turn L  to Kington, retracing the final 1.3 miles to the town centre. 10 miles(16 km).

D. Twiddy June 2008